L&M Law | Litigation
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We’re committed to offering our clients exceptional service and expert advice in matters of commercial, civil and criminal litigation.

As your litigators, we’ll manage all the stages of the process from initial case investigation through to the pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal processes. We’ll collect all the vital information, identify the issues and shape a powerful case strategy based on our decades of experience in the courtroom.

Where possible, we seek to resolve matters by settling out of court to reduce the risk and costs of going to trial. If we don’t believe you’ll get a positive outcome, we’ll advise you not to go ahead. However, if a case cannot be settled out of court, we have the grit and tenacity in the courtroom to ensure effective representation in disputes of all types.

At all times, we communicate clearly and succinctly to make sure you understand the legal process and the obligations, or options available to you.


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Business & Commercial Litigation

Civil litigation

Criminal Litigation

Commercial collection issues (debt collection)

Breach of contract

Partnership & shareholder disputes