L&M Law | Medicinal Cannabis Law
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Medicinal Cannabis Law

Medicinal Cannabis Law 

Medicinal cannabis is an emerging field of law, which L & M Law is excited to be involved in. The prospects for medicinal cannabis are huge.

We represent new entities and businesses seeking to enter and flourish in the medicinal cannabis industry. There are a number of significant and complex hurdles to overcome. We help our clients understand how best to structure their needs and ensure compliance with the stringent rules and regulations in this ever-changing legislative climate.

We believe medicinal cannabis is a safe, effective, affordable and dignified option for people who are suffering from a range of serious conditions. Examples of these conditions include cancer, multiple sclerosis, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

The regulatory requirements in the field are stringent, making the process of patient access to medicinal cannabis difficult. We advise patients on how best to navigate the legal pathways to access medicinal cannabis through the Federal Government’s Special Access Scheme.

While medicinal cannabis is already a thriving industry in many countries, it’s still relatively new in Australia. The first medical cannabis legislation was passed in 2016, and the legislation is continually changing.

For any Australian businesses wishing to invest in the American medicinal cannabis industry, we can facilitate an introduction to our USA collaborative law firm, Feldmann Nagel Cantafio Margulis.


We can assist you with your requirments in this fluctuating legal environment

Regulatory compliance

Administrative matters

Licensing & permit applications.